Lizza Littlewort is originally from Cape Town, where she grew up among the ancient forests of Table Mountain.

Her mother was a botanist working with the Parks Board to save the forests of alien vegetation. Her whole family is profoundly linked to these trees and the floral kingdom of the Western Cape, which is the oldest and most diverse in the world. It lies at the centre of her inspiration as an artist.

Lizza now resides in California. She uses oil paint to make gently piercing comments about society’s struggles with exploitation of each other and the natural environment. Her working process engages with experimental use of paint which contributes to a surreal quality that helps her express our strange and alien relationship with the global conditions we face.

Lizza Littlewort was awarded a post-graduate diploma in Fine Art from Cape Town University in 2000. She also holds degrees in Architecture and Literature, both of which have helped deepen her understanding of thought-provoking art in built environments.

Since 2000, her work has been collected by the British Nando's Collection and she has had 9 solo shows of painting, to critical acclaim.
Dr Wamuwi Mbao wrote "The exhibit forces the artworks to yield new meanings about their creation. Her absurdism implicates the viewer, as [her work] challenges our passive consumption of canonical art."


2013 – Honours in English Literature, UCT.
2000 – Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, UCT.
1990 – Bachelor of Architectural Studies, UCT.

Previous solo shows

2019 The Quiet Miracle - Michael Krief Gallery, San Diego.
2019 JCO's Art Fair, San Francisco
2018 It Seemed to Throw a Kind of Light - 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town.
2016 The Great Grief - 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town.
2016 The Broker's Coke Dream: a History of the Current Age
2015 We Live In The Past - 99 Loop Gallery
2008 Where the Trouble Started - Whatiftheworld Gallery
2006 The Paris Salon - Whatiftheworld Gallery
2005 Drawing on a White Background - Michaelis Art Shop
2005 Raw Over-Cooked - Gerhard Sekoto Gallery, Jhb
2004 I Want to be Famous - Association for Visual Arts

My studio in my sister's garden in Solana Beach.
My studio in my sister's garden in Solana Beach.